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Our model provides companies with the best of all options... significant sales resources and commercial capabilities,  affordable costs, and a distinct strategic advantage over competitors and companies by leveraging Sunset's proven team and combined ~$150M revenue scale with retailers, brokers, and agency partners.

Our model is unique from others, as Sunset is focused on the success of a select number of companies, not adding more clients.   Brands benefit from a significant customer focus, depth of customer penetration, call frequency, sales results, and sales and financial support services.
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Integrated Business Partner
Beyond sales, finance, and retailer marketing expertise, our integrated services include developing annual customer business plans, financial/trade investment modeling, pro-forma customer P&L's, category management, shopper marketing, forecasting, reporting scorecards, and ROI analytics.  Sunset also has a vast network of industry-focused private equity firms, investors, specialized contractors, data services, best-in-class agencies and brokers.
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Shared Service Model
Sunset provides you with a strategic advantage over your competitors.  With a team the size, scale and experience of Sunset, it would cost you millions of dollars in SG&A costs to replicate.  Due to the nature of our shared service model, you only pay a fraction of the cost while getting all the benefits of a much larger and more resourced sales organization... just like the big guys! Our costs are all inclusive and easy to budget for.
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Industry Leading
Our team's background include experience with large, mid-sized and entrepreneurial CPG manufacturers, retailers, brokers, financial institutions, and private equity/venture capital/investor firms.  Sunset has been instrumental in building early stage brands that have become well-known household brands today. What makes Sunset unique is the exceptional talent we have assembled.  Our team members possess a significant track record in building and scaling brands from early stage to maturation. 
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Lower Cost and
Due to the shared nature of our model, our costs can't be replicated in most early stage companies.  We offer highly skilled sales, finance, and sales support individuals that you traditionally only see at larger food, beverage and personal care companies.  Combine this with our team size, overall combined ~$150M revenue scale, and services found at larger CPG organizations, we provide our clients with a significant sales team advantage at a lower cost and risk profile versus other CPG companies your size.
We work with you and for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Contact us by phone or email.

We work with you and for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Contact us by phone or email.

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