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Our model provides our clients the benefits of a high-caliber sales organization at a fraction of the cost. We offer custom integrated services and industry connections to help support the success of our clients and their brands.

Sunset Strategic Brands offers comprehensive outsourced sales, strategy, finance, and retailer marketing solutions to rapidly scale your CPG business cost-effectively. Our experienced team collaborates seamlessly with your existing sales and management staff. With extensive expertise in large, mid, and entrepreneurial CPG ventures, we enhance brand scaling and margin optimization. Our dedicated team of 15 experts provides tailored sales, strategy, support, and finance services. Our shared outsourced model offers a superior and affordable alternative to traditional sales team hiring. Partnering with Sunset ensures increased attention from retailers, brokers, and agencies.
Partnership Characteristics

We partner with businesses with $5-$100+ million of run rate revenue.

We seek cultures that are collaborative, strategic and results oriented.

​We are excited to work with enthusiastic founders and CEOs looking for growth expertise as they scale their brands.

We value brands with a strong proof of concept, compelling points of differentiation and an authentic back story.

We align with brands that have a clear vision and strategy.

Our Approach
The Sunset's team comprises of seasoned veterans that possess advanced selling and presentation skills, negotiating methods, long standing industry relationships, and analytical capabilities with proven results.

We provide a complete introduction of Sunset's business model, services, fees, approach, value, uniqueness, and our view on the path to success to you and your management team.


We then strategize and plan to refine or create an Annual Customer Plan based on company fiscal sales, revenue, trade, financial, and growth targets and objectives.


From day 1, Sunset immerses and integrates with a well-defined kick-off meeting to immediately engage in strategy, execution, and process development.


With Sunset educated on your brand, objectives, and targets, Sunset's sales, finance and sales support teams engages immediately, ensuring all aspects of sales is covered as YOUR selling team.


We work with our clients on the right scorecards to measure, track, analyze, and account for all aspects of sales and sales financial reporting and tracking necessary to drive results.

Our focus is our clients. 

We look forward to hearing from you.  Contact us by phone or email.

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