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Let our success and experience help you build and scale your early stage food, beverage or personal care business just as we are doing now for our current clients.

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America’s original 100% grass-fed organic dairy. From one farm in 2009, to over 150 grass-fed organic farms in NY State. Our 100% grass-fed organic dairy products are made from pasture-raised, happy, healthy cows. We believe that the happier the cows, the better-tasting the milk. 100% grass-fed is everything you love about organic, and more. Better for us, better for cows, better for the land and better for farmers.

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Ancient Harvest products pack valuable, plant-based nutrition only found in nature’s finest ingredients – such as quinoa, beans and lentils – into the foods you crave, such as pasta, mac and cheese, hot cereal and more. No matter the meal, Ancient Harvest provides the delicious, plant-based fuel you need to power up your day.

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