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About Sunset strategic brands

the business model of sunset strategic brands is all about assisting a “select” number of early stage ($10-$50M) food, beverage, and personal care companies and their brands in the Consumer Products Industry build & scale their business to a successful company exit or sale.

Who we are

Sunset Strategic Brands is a contracted consolidated sales organization and integrated business partner that works exclusively or in concert with your Sales & Marketing organization.   We are not a broker, rather we are your national sales team, comprised of individuals with extensive large, mid, and entrepreneurial Consumer Product Goods experience with significant proven success at building and scaling brands.  Our sales team works with several national & regional established brokers known for building successful businesses.

Sunset strategic Brands business model

Our model is unique from others, as we are focused on the success of a “select” number of companies, not adding more clients.   Our model benefits provide early stage strategic brands with significant focus, leverage & efficiencies through a shared service model.   At Sunset we leverage our prior Consumer Packaged Goods success, credibility, and relationships, combining the total Sales of several early stage companies  to gain access to top retailer and broker executives as “one” sales entity, while providing significant cost efficiencies back to the companies we represent.   Our clients gain the benefit of a high-caliber sales organization, only found in larger Companies, at a fraction of the cost, due to costs being shared across our clients.

Beyond sales expertise

Beyond sales & marketing expertise, our integrated services include developing annual business plans, financial/trade investment modeling, category management, shopper marketing, planning & reporting systems, and processes that have been proven at several other successful companies.   Sunset Strategic Brands also retains close non-exclusive association with a successful industry focused private equity firm, a data & analytics company, and several other outside partners that support our business.

What makes us unique

Sunset Strategic Brands brings a unique set of skills, knowledge, proven strategies, resources, tools, and talent, that early stage companies seek to scale their brands to the next level and ultimately to a profitable company sale.  We have the proven experience of building early stage companies and brands to what are well-known and established industry franchises today.


Let us show you why we are the right partner to build and scale your business!    Our seasoned team of experts have many years of experience and backgrounds that include large, mid, and entrepreneurial Consumer Packaged Goods companies, Retailer, Broker, and Private Equity experience.    The Sunset team’s background have been instrumental in building brands across companies such as:  Boulder Brands (EVOL, Udi’s, Glutino, Earth Balance, Smart Balance), Follow Your Heart, Campbells (Bolthouse Farms), White Wave (Silk), PepsiCo (Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade), Sara Lee, Energizer (Playtex, Banana Boat, Schick), Costco, Acosta, and Advantage Sales & Marketing to name a few.

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